…I was able to find that backpack clip my daughter wanted.

And I don’t know, maybe I learned a valuable lesson too or something.

We were doing back to school shopping at Target and she found this thing in their dollar section. And she really wanted it.

Problem is, this was at the end of a tiresome trip where we had to drag approval out of the kids for all the new clothes we were getting, and my mind was in “get me the fuck outta here” mode. So I defaulted to telling her no, put it back.

Except, A) she was actually being pretty good, it was her sister that had been acting like a pain, B) she has a ton of spare cash that’s been piling up from holidays these last 18 months in lockdown (which we forgot to bring on her first shopping trip of 2021 because there’s a lot of shit we forgot how to do in lockdown), and C) most importantly, the thing only cost a dollar. I mean leave aside all else, it’s one fucking dollar, who cares. That’s the cheapest I could ever hope to buy somebody’s love.

But I said no, and later when I was putting her to bed, she told me how disappointed she was that she couldn’t have the little ghost cat, and she hoped she could get it some day. Like it’s an aspiration now. So I said if I was by the store again I’d take a look.

Then like two days later I went to check it out, and surprise, no ghost cats. I don’t know what the deal is, maybe it was actually leftover stock from Halloween 2020 and she happened to pick up the very last one before I told her to put it back.

So now I feel like an asshole because I kind of am, and I can’t find it for sale on Target’s website. But lo and behold, eBay has it… for fucking $7.41. Almost an 800% markup on a thing that I wouldn’t even have had to pay for in the first place if I just I got out of my own head for a minute.

Anyway, I have the goddamn thing now and paid my grumpy pants tax. Don’t tell her it happened like this.


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