…my parents and mother-in-law don’t watch Fox News.

They’re pretty cool actually. They’re three of like only five Boomers I know that still seem to give a shit about what they’re leaving behind for their grandkids.

Good thing too, because with in-person school starting back up without vaccines for children, I’m terrified on a daily basis that my kids will be coming home with some new Omega Covid that permanently shuts down their kidneys. Last thing I need on top of that is for my parents to be regurgitating liquid horseshit at me about masks and demons and whatever the fuck that useless network’s shilling today.

Like, literally all other Boomers and older I know can’t make it through a single day without having some Fox driven bitch fit. Through some miracle, my parents are immune to it. Thank fucking God.

Shit, I’m getting too negative again. Fucking Fox, man, you can’t even compliment your parents these days without them finding a way to fuck it up.

Anyway, my parents are alright. When the Asshole Council knocked on their door and asked if they wanted a steady stream of anger, they decided to smoke weed and plant a giant garden instead. I really hope I’m that mellow when I’m 65.


One thought on “…my parents and mother-in-law don’t watch Fox News.

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