…I have a scented candle in my home office.

It’s just plain nice.

Usually I don’t spring for fun stuff for my office. Not sure why. I spend a ton of time here. Even before the pandemic I was telecommuting four days a week, so if there’s ever a place where a bit of luxury would go a long way, it’s on my desk.

I think I have it drilled into my head that work is on this side of the door and life is on the other side, and while that’s good for keeping work/life balance and all that shit, it does sell me short on more basic things. Like smelling elderflower all day.

Sometimes you’re just allowed to have candle.

You hear that, you lousy Wall Street Boomers? I spent five bucks on a luxury instead of putting it in my IRA and life is better for it. Now get the fuck back in your shitty office and keep bitching about kids these days, or whatever stupid shit it is you decided to waste your precious remaining years on.


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