…the Aldi brand oat milk is really good.

Which is honestly some of the best news possible, because otherwise there’s no chance I’d endorse a milk alternative. And boy do I want to swear off dairy if I can help it, anything to chip away at climate change.

Problem is, most milk alternatives fucking suck. Especially the really big name brands like Silk. Fuck you, Silk. You fucking liars. You keep adding sugar to watered down primer and I’m supposed to be fooled? Shove it.

But even when there’s an alternative that’s actually worth drinking, its always so goddamn expensive. Bottled water expensive.

Not so with Aldi oat milk. It tastes amazing, like the milk left after you eat your cereal, it’s just as versatile as cow milk, and it’s as cheap or cheaper than regular grocery store milk. Fuck yeah, Aldi, I knew there was a reason I made you my go-to store.


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