…I have a steady stream of Impossible Burger coming to my house.

We get Imperfect Foods deliveries every Monday. And I don’t know for sure that their whole “we’re saving the environment” shtick is totally on the level, ’cause they sell a bunch of bullshit that’s definitely not good for the environment. (Looking at you, organic foods. Fucking organic, man, what a crock of shit. You want to save the environment? Don’t buy organic under any circumstances.)

But one undeniably good thing on their part: they sell Impossible Foods products. Which means every week we get fresh Impossible Burger without even trying. It tastes exactly like ground beef, but digests way easier, and emits way less carbon.

The price could use some work, I’ll be honest. But we can afford it. Haven’t bought any ground meat since before the pandemic and I regret nothing.

Hurry up and make some Impossible Chicken Thighs and Impossible Buffalo Wings. You guys find a way to do that and I swear I’ll go straight vegetarian the same day.


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