…a Pokemon Go gym has been added within remote raid distance of my house.

Yeah, I still play Pokemon Go in 2021. What of it?

Been doing a lot less of the “go” part lately. It’s not so much because of the pandemic as it is that it’d be extremely shitty for a father to tell his young kids that he’s ditching them to go hunt down for Pokemon raids and they’re not invited. Especially since ostensibly we put Pokemon on our phones for them to play. (That’s just the bullshit we say, but we all know what’s really up.)

So having a gym close enough that I can remote into it from home is great. The kids can continue to monopolize the TV with their games, and I can discretely catch a Giratina without suffering the indignity of watching my kids choose 3 Wurmples, 2 Butterfrees, and a Skitty as my battle party.

Now I just have to wait for Tornadus to return to raids so I can finally finish that one fucking mission. Jesus Christ, Niantic, why’d you have to tie special research to a temporary 5 star legendary? You fucks.


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