…my shredder still works.

And I have a literal two foot stack of papers to shred.

Some of it built up back when we first moved into this house and I didn’t have time to sort all our documents because I was busy unpacking. Then it built up because of surgeries and school and shifting schedules.

Then the pandemic, which would’ve been a great time to mindlessly shred old bank statements, except I had to set up space for my daughter to do virtual school in my office. So for another year I just had to let crap pile up around me.

But now my office is mostly decluttered and I can shred all that shit. And my dinky little 2 pages at a time shredder still works after gathering dust all this time.

Which means… I get more time to zone out with podcasts. This is a high point for me. Yes, I know that’s bleak.


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