…we just got a Level 2 EV charger installed.

We bought a Bolt last year. It’s awesome. Good time to buy a used one, too, since there’s a free battery upgrade forthcoming.

Love the car. We’ve been fine for a year with the stock Level 1 charger that it came with, but I won’t lie. It can be tedious. At that rate it takes more than a day to recover from any drive more than 30 miles away. Fortunately I telecommute 4 days a week, but there’s still that nagging feeling.

So having the faster charger gives some real peace of mind. Looking forward to plugging in at night and knowing for sure we’ll have a full battery by morning.

The takeaway from this, by the way, should be that even with the worst possible charger at home for a year, I had a totally doable and positive experience with an electric car. So if you’re on the fence, hop off onto this side of it. Buy an EV already. I’ll evangelize the shit out of this, I don’t care how obnoxious I sound.


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