…the washing machine should, in theory, not be hard to fix.

Our washing machine fucking broke again. That lazy piece of shit.

This would be the third time in as many years that I’ve had to open it up and swap something out. And god knows how many “cannot drain” errors since it can’t seem to deal any time there’s some particularly absorbent fabric inside.

Except, this time the “cannot drain” error is legit and the drain pump actually is broken. A replacement should be here today.

And mostly I’m pissed at this because I’ve got enough shit going on that carving out 30 minutes to tinker with a machine that’s only a few years old and keeps crapping out is hard to swallow. But… at least the part in question is right up front and does not require me to totally disassemble the thing again. As far as fixes go, this one shouldn’t be too bad.

So that’s my silver lining. That’s the thing worth it for me to get out of bed today: I can keep washing my kids’ clothes with a relatively minor amount of effort to fix our stupid goddamn washing machine. Maybe the rest of the week will get better.


One thought on “…the washing machine should, in theory, not be hard to fix.

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