…we’ve finally scheduled Covid shots for both our kids.

About fucking time.

This country has got some SHIT priorities, man. It took more than a year into the pandemic for anybody in the fucking braintrust to think, “Gee, maybe this world-changing bullshit that affects everyone is interfering with the continued livelihood of kids, too. Let’s work on their vaccines, also, maybe?”

Why wasn’t that the FIRST fucking thing they thought of? Why weren’t they developing this shit in parallel? Were you motherfuckers not aware that kids are walking petri dishes?

And you’d think after the total horseshit roll-out we had for the adult vaccines they would’ve learned their lessons, like maybe we shouldn’t treat vaccine registration as some random-ass free-for-all that’s maybe kinda required maybe pretty please? But no, registering kids for their vaccines was still a total clusterfuck with websites that you have to constantly F5 and clinics you have to phone-bomb in cut-throat competition with all the other sane parents out there, out of fear of the many, many insane parents.

And there’s still all these dumb sons of bitches in charge that somehow, beyond all comprehension, think that Americans don’t want to fix all this bullshit. I’m looking at you, Manchin, you useless elmer fuck.

But whatever. We’re here now, with appointments for both kids for Friday morning to get their first dose of Pfizer. That puts us well and truly in a good spot by comparison.

Don’t think this means I’m forgetting any of this bullshit. This country has royally shit the bed, and 40% of us specifically. I will absolutely never forget, and I am nowhere even fucking close to forgiveness.

Still. We have our appointments. That’s one tiny glimmer of hope.


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