…there will be a Diet Coke at lunchtime.

I gotta be honest, today I woke up in a real depressive fit. It’s pretty hard to think of things worth getting out of bed for today.

All the news is about swing voters saying they want Trump back, which is like saying, “I know when my dick was in the mousetrap, it got infected and nearly fell off, but this glue trap is just so sticky!” I guess when our only options in the last century have been various shades of abuse, people just want the version they can really feel.

And if it’s not that shit in the news, it’s conspiracy theories and bullshit and excuses for actual literal armed terrorists who tried a coup. Not that our country has ever had a problem defending terrorism before. (See, when white people do it, it’s a “race riot” and somehow the people that were genocidally murdered were partly to blame.)

Also, centrists keep fucking shitting the bed and making concessions to corporations while cutting social programs and safety nets that the rest of us could use, and instead of looking at the polling as a warning sign that everybody is just really, really fucking tired of their bullshit, they always get it wrong and say, “This is why centrism is more important than ever! DIG DEEPER!”

So today’s one of those days where I have to get myself excited about a single, mundane detail I actually have power over. And that’s why today is worth it so I can have a goddamn Diet Coke at lunch.

I know it’s a joke soda. I know it’s also the preferred beverage of that rapist that everybody seems to love so much. And I know it’s not particularly good for me.

But I developed a taste for it and I only have them once in awhile, and today’s one of those days, so fuck it. Diet Coke is the high point today. Some days are like that.


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