…my office gave us a paid day off.

Veteran’s Day has always been one of those lame lip service holidays where all our institutions say “thanks” out loud but don’t actually do anything to improve the lives of the people it’s meant to celebrate. All they really do is close the post office. So, that sucks. (FWIW, I think Veteran’s Day should be an annual deadline for Lockheed Martin and all the other ghouls to finish building the useless war jet projects they started in January, and if they don’t finish, all their money goes to a tax-free cash payout to veterans.)

My office at least does one step more and actually gives us the day as a paid holiday. I’m using it to get my Covid booster, which is literally the least (and yet, paradoxically, the most) I can do to help out all my fellow citizens today, veteran or not. And who knows, maybe I’ll do some grocery shopping or some cleaning while my kids are at school.

Parenthood is when a day off becomes exciting because it makes doing chores slightly easier.


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