…I’ve stopped checking my book sales each day.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never put the effort into marketing my books that I really need to in order to make self-publishing lucrative. The main reason I’ve gone the self-publishing route is because the anguish of repeatedly playing that stupid “Dear sir or madam” bullshit game with queries kept eating away at my desire to write, and I really just wanted to move on with my life every time I wrote a novel. Self-publishing has always been a good way to wrap a bow on whatever I’ve done and start something new.

The problem is that once you put in the effort of paying for a cover designer and getting a book to a storefront, it’s hard not to then start looking for validation in the form of sales. Which, if you’re not actively marketing – and again, I’m not – you won’t see.

So I used to go into this stupid depression cycle where I’d feel antsy that I wasn’t being more productive on whatever I’m currently writing, then I’d check my Kindle sales for everything I’d already published, see that they were still zero for the day, feel mopey that they weren’t already 10 billion, and then, devastated, I’d refuse to put in any work on either marketing or writing, leaving me with nothing to do except check my book sales again. And it’s even stupider because I truly do write for the love of writing, not to be rich, so why the fuck do I even care about sales?

Anyway, I’m not checking that shit anymore. I think I’ve reached a point where I have a system that works for me just to keep the pipeline moving. I might try again at getting an actual agent for my next book, but that’s no reason I can’t keep doing my self-publishing stuff on my own terms. Why the fuck not.

Oh, also, you can buy my books here. I probably should have linked that sooner. I’m not good at marketing.


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