…I am starting to find some confidence with my anger.

My seven year-old daughter is being bullied at school. Going to reserve comments on the other kid since who the hell knows if this will escalate into a legal matter or what. But it fucking sucks.

I was bullied pretty bad back in middle school. Pretty sure the reason was they thought I was gay, but then again, it might just be ’cause I was fat. Or maybe it’s because it happened in Pasadena, MD, a total shithole of a town where hope goes to die.

I remember being spat on by a series of kids I didn’t recognize before getting on the bus to go home, and internalizing all of it, thinking I must have done something wrong and feeling totally helpless. I was crushed to the point of inaction.

As an adult, I still find myself constantly shrinking into a scared 12 year-old, thinking the best thing to do when facing real struggle is to avoid “drama” and hope the problem goes away.

I owe my daughter far more than that. I don’t want to let her down.

Fortunately, my wife is vindictive, merciless, and never forgets a slight – and she sure as shit doesn’t forgive.

I’m not sure what happens next, but it isn’t gonna be silence. I have a partner to keep me in check. And we have some work to do.