…the billing department at Hopkins has been easy to work with.

I’ve pretty much given up hope for the day when we don’t constantly have a rotating medical debt north of at least four figures. I’m sure I’ll see that day eventually, maybe when the kids are in high school. But ten straight years of this shit has really put a damper on the hope that healthcare will ever, on any meaningful level, personal or societal, be fixed in the United States. And yet… I do still have the tiniest sparkle that maybe when I’m an old man, my grandkids (if any) will actually grow up in a country worth all the bullshit patriotism people pretend to have for it.

That hope is gone when it comes to the people. Ten years of this grueling medical shit has completely deadened me to the idea that any Republican, Boomer, or lingering Silenter will ever feel the slightest shred of empathy, responsibility, or guilt for the hellscape they set up for me and my children. They will die clutching pearls while their children burn alive, and they will be the last human generation to find rest.


At least Johns Hopkins is cool with me doing interest-free payments. Like, it’s one thing to find that you can never travel or go on vacations because you have debt. It’s another when you pay off that debt and then find out that, due to capitalism, your debt had a gross mutant baby and you now have more surprise debt, so fuck you.

Yeah, I’m still feeling my low from last week, what of it. I’m grasping at straws here. Not paying interest, that’s my glimmer in the shadows, baby.