…I’ve been using Duolingo for a full week.

I’m sure I’m still in that honeymoon period where the novelty is keeping me invested. So who knows if I’ll be in it next year.

But for now – I love it. I took Spanish for three years in middle / high school and remembered just enough to annoy me that I’m not more fluent. And every time I’ve tried to pick up the language again with tapes or audiobooks or whatever, the lessons start too simply. I can only practice “Hola” once before I’m bored out of my skull.

So Duolingo’s approach is a huge blessing. I love that I’ve been able to dive straight into more intermediate lessons that balance both review and new info.

And now that I’ve given up drinking again, it’s a good way to kill time and keep me distracted. Let’s hope it sticks.


…I can create custom primer books.

My daughter refuses to read. She can read; she just doesn’t want to. Mostly because she’s got two choices: either the story is good, but too far beyond her current level, or it’s at her level and the payoff is some shit like, “Brushing teeth is fun.”

Finding books she’s gives a fuck about has proven to be tough. So I wrote and illustrated a Level 1 book about Tom’s butt and his fart problems. She read that faster than anything else.

I’m spending my Thanksgiving break writing sequels.