…I can breathe a little bit better.

I’m like 18 days in on my new workout routine. Well, not “new,” more like “the thing I stopped doing because I’ve been real busy and/or depressed the last few years.”

I’m explicitly not to trying to lose weight. I don’t give a shit about my weight anymore. Whatever. I’m fine with this body being the size and shape it is.

But I do want to be able to climb stairs without having to take a break to catch my breath. And the exercise is surely, if slowly, doing what I want. I’m exchange, my legs are just like constantly sore. Still a fair trade.

Also, I haven’t had a drink in… three weeks? That’s it? Ugh. Sobriety would be easier if it didn’t feel so long.


…I may actually still exercise.

It’s been almost a decade since I last had a good workout routine. It got thrown off back in the mid ’10s. I’m sure having kids had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, the week before last I was starting to get back into a routine. Then it stopped. And now I’m thinking about it again. Not to lose weight, just to not get winded from the stairs.

So, not exactly reporting a victory today, but hey, what can you do. Making plans is slightly better than nothing.


…we’re going apple picking.

It’s the first true autumn activity we get to do this year. Since 2019, to be more accurate.

And apples are actually worth picking fresh. They’re easy to grab and way tastier fresh off the tree. Not like strawberry picking or blueberry picking or any of those other crop-related things we tried in the past. That shit was just chores. Apple picking is actually fun.

And while we’re at it, we’ll go in a vaguely Halloween themed corn maze. The kids will probably run out of energy halfway through and in theory the rest of the day will be easy, plus we can go back to loafing on the couch guilt-free.