…we’re having pizza for dinner.

This week is going to be absurdly busy. I’m expecting to have virtually no free time each evening. As in, I won’t be home from work until right before bedtime for the kids, so I’m going straight to nighttime rituals.

So we’re doing pizza takeout for dinner tonight. We do this often, but the difference tonight is that we have a good excuse. It’s guilt free takeout. Fuck you, credit card – daddy’s gotta rest.


…we made stock.

And more importantly, we cleared a hell of a lot of room out of the freezer. We had two different poultry carcasses and a five gallon bag of vegetable scraps in there for weeks on end. Every time we went to grab some ice, we had to move our stock ingredients out of the way. And naturally, every time you shifted that Tetris pile, you couldn’t close the door without reconfiguring it.

Now it’s all gone and we have jars of tasty stock instead. And the empty scrap bags. Which will refill gradually. Until I do all this shit again in like a month.

At least I can get my ice in peace for a little while.