…I’m still here.

Been seeing a (couple of) therapist(s) for a few months. Tried Lexapro, now Zoloft. I did not do anything rash, despite the plans and opportunity, and the payoff so far is watching Alex Jones become poorer than me. So I guess some dreams do come true.

Whatever it is I’m looking for is still out of reach, but eh, I’m here and have some Halloween candy to bide my time.

I’m going to give this site another try. Maybe not daily since that feels like work. But more than never. Hope everyone else is having a great Autumn.


…we bought a bunch of Halloween stuff on clearance.

This was largely another year that didn’t happen for us. Sadly that includes Halloween decorations. We only put up like 1/3 of our shit and even then it only went up yesterday.

But on the plus side, the last week of October is a good time to go shopping for cheap as hell yard stuff. So we’ll have more to show next time.

I have Nov 1 off, too. Gonna cram as much in my car as I can.


…we’re going apple picking.

It’s the first true autumn activity we get to do this year. Since 2019, to be more accurate.

And apples are actually worth picking fresh. They’re easy to grab and way tastier fresh off the tree. Not like strawberry picking or blueberry picking or any of those other crop-related things we tried in the past. That shit was just chores. Apple picking is actually fun.

And while we’re at it, we’ll go in a vaguely Halloween themed corn maze. The kids will probably run out of energy halfway through and in theory the rest of the day will be easy, plus we can go back to loafing on the couch guilt-free.


…my daughters are into Halloween.

Yup, they’re both that rare type of kid that enjoys candy, who fucking knew.

More importantly, the older one loves movies and accepts any excuse to watch a bunch in a row. And the younger one loves creepy stuff and is probably going to be goth or goth-adjacent when she turns 11.

Which means I don’t have to fight too hard to get them onboard for a Halloween movie marathon this year, as we did last year, and every year. Someday we might even get to watch actual horror together.