…the washing machine isn’t doing that thing again.

Yeah, two laundry posts in a month. The fuck can I say? Laundry’s one of like only four things I can spend my time doing anymore. The other three being work, kids, and cleaning up after kids.

So simple pleasures go a long way. One of those pleasures being when the washing machine actually washes the clothes instead of locking up and doing that goddamn “too much water / filter error” bullshit where I have to unplug it to reboot the computer and empty the filter plug at the bottom, invariably spilling water all over the goddamn floor, and then it turns out there isn’t any fucking clog or anything, the machine’s just being a lazy piece of shit and making me wash my towels three at a time, the fucking crybaby. Oh, and heaven forbid if one of those towels happened to be wet before I put it in the machine, there’s no possible way it could handle that much liquid while filling itself up with fucking water.

My washing machine wants to take a break. I hear ya, my dude, but the kids keep spilling chocolate milk and I can’t let that shit fester in the hamper. Thanks for taking one for the team today and doing your fucking job.