…I can do Christmas shopping without all the goddamn Christmas music.

That’s the true value of online shopping. Not sure why nobody admits it. We’re a curious species sometimes. We like to stand on ceremony so much that even at the most stressful, busy, debt-inducing moments of our lives we’ll still throw Paul McCartney’s worst fucking abomination into the mix and put that shit on loop.

I ain’t missing a thing.


…Nick Lutsko is reliably making great music.

If you somehow found this dumb blog instead of hearing about him first, go check out his Youtube channel and/or buy some albums on his Bandcamp page. Dude is consistently funny and has never failed to make a catchy song.

I’m not sure if he’s ever planning to release a serious album again. Swords has rapidly entered my desert island collection and has been a great backdrop when writing. But it doesn’t matter. He’s one of those people with such unrestrained talent that I’m sure he’ll knock it out of the park, whatever he decides to do next.