…my shredder still works.

And I have a literal two foot stack of papers to shred.

Some of it built up back when we first moved into this house and I didn’t have time to sort all our documents because I was busy unpacking. Then it built up because of surgeries and school and shifting schedules.

Then the pandemic, which would’ve been a great time to mindlessly shred old bank statements, except I had to set up space for my daughter to do virtual school in my office. So for another year I just had to let crap pile up around me.

But now my office is mostly decluttered and I can shred all that shit. And my dinky little 2 pages at a time shredder still works after gathering dust all this time.

Which means… I get more time to zone out with podcasts. This is a high point for me. Yes, I know that’s bleak.


…there’s a new episode of We Hate Movies.

Podcasts have been a massive part of my life for the last decade. And I mean that in the literal sense. Look at my Pocket Casts stats since I started using their app in 2017:

I’ve got plenty of favorites, but the time-tested champ is We Hate Movies. They’ve been consistently funny without overly relying on running jokes, they always bring a great depth of insight to their criticism (as opposed to just screaming over each other like 99% of all other movie podcasts), the conversations are grounded in actual film knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, they have never missed a single day in their schedule.

I have no idea how they manage that last one. The premise of this blog is just that I have to say one barely-passable-as-happy thing a day for one year, and after only a week I’m already looking for excuses to skip a day.

WHM was in my ears through all my ups and downs since I started listening back in 2012, somewhere around the time they covered The Glass House. I had their back catalog on when I was trying to fix up my house in Baltimore, when I was running back and forth to the NICU when my first daughter was born, when we celebrated birthdays and holidays in peace, when we couldn’t celebrate because there was a hole in the ceiling or a pipe burst, when I got promoted at work, when we moved, when my wife had surgery, when I self-published my books – all of it.

It’s the strongest para-social relationship I have to any form of media. Which I’m sure would make the guys cringe as much as it would make them smile.

Today they released an episode, as they always have on every Tuesday since 2010. Every week is worth it.