…I’m waking up early without my alarm.

My body has learned the new routine. For the last few days, I naturally woke up around 5:20 or so.

Waking up early is one of the worst things in the world and I hate it. Unfortunately it’s also the only time of day I have any reasonable guarantee I can get some free time from the kids and do either a workout or some writing.

All previous plans have fallen through because I want to sleep more. So just getting up tends to be the hardest part. Lucky me, it just became easy.


…my kids still want me around when they’re scared.

I get annoyed by it too easily. But it’s probably not going to be too long before they stop asking for sleepovers, hugs, and snuggles, and instead start yelling at me for being in the same room when they’re breathing.

Last night my youngest wanted me to hold her like a baby before she would climb up her bunk bed. In the moment I was mad that she was stalling. But she fell asleep in my arms for the first time in years, and quite possibly the last. At least I was able to make a note of the time for posterity.


…I was successfully able to wake up early again.

I’m trying to be up at 5:30 every day this month so I can get an extra hour each day to work on NaNoWriMo, since lord knows anything after the kids are awake is a shitshow.

5:30 is too fucking early for any human being to be awake. People who are up that early naturally should not be in charge of anything.

So far the earliest I’ve been able to drag my ass out of bed has been 6:00. So I’ve really only been getting like 30 minutes of writing in the morning. But… I have been up by 6:00 for three consecutive day, so that’s something. Gotta start somewhere.


…it’s an easy school lunch day.

Friday is the day we agreed to send the kids off to school with Lunchables and chocolate milk. So it’s the one day a week I can really phone it in with packing lunches and everyone’s still gonna be happy.

I’m so fucking tired. Why does school start before 10? Why does fucking anything start before 10?

Our entire way of life was founded by and continues to be decided by the dumbest shits.