…there’s a new Folding Ideas video.

“Video” doesn’t do it justice. It’s a 2+ hour documentary. And in typical Dan Olson fashion, it’s thoughtful, thorough, and dryly hilarious even as you feel your soul being crushed.

The topic this time is cryptocurrency, and more specifically the endemic power imbalance in its secondary applications like NFTs. To be honest, his project works better if you already have some familiarity with the software going in, as he glosses over the technical details in favor of spending time on what really matters: why it all sucks. And boy, is he good at pointing out the nitty-gritty. Definitely worth a watch.


…Climate Town made a new video.

His series is exceptionally well done, finding the right balance of comedy and miserably upsetting information. He also find great topics to communicate how complex and widespread the reality of climate change is, like his latest about gas stoves.

I guess technically you could watch this without leaving bed, so it’s not exactly a reason to bother getting dressed today. But fuck, it’s Sunday. I’ll count it.